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What is

Asylum Love Artistr3?

ASYLUM is a sanctuary, a retreat, a place of security and protection. 

 ~ Our Home ~

LOVE is affection, selflessness, enthusiasm and devotion.

~ Our Heart ~

ARTISTR3 is artistic ability, creativity and  flair.

~ Our Craft ~

WE are Asylum Love Artistr3

Makeup Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Visionaries

 ~ Co-Creators & Co-Founders ~

Becca Staton and Jo Dizon 


Our Story



Jo Dizon & Becca Staton

Becca and Jo, Southern California based professional makeup and henna artists, both started their careers as freelance makeup artists which eventually found them connecting in a master beauty class. Together this duo has empowered others to always live for their passion and stay ever green and growing in order to make their dreams become reality.

Becca and Jo fuel their passion for makeup artistry by transforming their clients into true works of art. They actively seek opportunities to enhance their craft through continuing their education. While their success in the beauty industry keeps them forever grateful, they give back in the beauty industry by instruction and private workshops for both the every day makeup enthusiast and professional makeup artists looking to refine their skills.

Becca and Jo have cultivated a unique signature style of beauty makeup by understanding the true canvas in beauty is clean skin, which is the foundation for creating makeup works of art on all walks of life. Together with their wealth of knowledge, keen eye to detail and a driven passion for bringing beauty to life has kept them on the forefront of the makeup artistry world.


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